How Long Does It Take To Ceramic Coat A Car?

How Long Does It Take To Ceramic Coat A Car?

You might have seen car enthusiasts driving around town with their shiny, new-looking cars and wondered how they manage to keep them looking so good. The answer? Ceramic coatings! You also want your car to look like that? So are you looking for all the information about ceramic coating? Including how long it takes to ceramic coat a car? Keep reading to find out the answer from Quality Detail

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Why do you need a ceramic coating?

When a car has a ceramic coating, its amazingly bright and shiny appearance is one of the first outstanding points. A ceramic coating applied to the car’s paint surface will help make it look like a moving mirror in the middle of a busy street.

without protecting the ceramic layer, your car does not have hydrophobic properties. Pollutants will easily stain the painted surface of the car. Over time, the original paint will be significantly affected and quickly degrade your car.

Does it take a long time to ceramic coat a car?

How long you have to wait for ceramic coating on a car depends on many different objective factors.

Firstly, it is the condition of the car. Before performing a ceramic coating, detailers must ensure that your vehicle is immaculate and intact. So, if your car is in a bad state, you have to take more time to treat them by cleaning it before ceramic coating.

Second, it is the size of the car. It is evident that your car is small, and you only need a little time to have the ceramic coating applied. In contrast, for a larger vehicle, you have to wait longer. 

The last thing depends on the center that will have different service packages. Each car care center will have its methods and ways to complete the ceramic coating process. The overall goal is to give your vehicle a fresh and protective look.

What happens if you leave your car in the rain after ceramic coating?

The curing period for a coating to reach its full protective capability is around a week. If you accidentally let rainwater or machine water touch the car’s surface within that week, cross-link bonds will be disrupted. It could lead to early coating disintegration in many circumstances. 

What is the lifespan of a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings average 2-5 years of lifespan, but this can vary depending on how frequently the vehicle is used and maintained. For instance, if a vehicle is regularly detailed and washed, the coating will last longer than if it’s left exposed to the elements. Therefore, to extend the lifespan of ceramic coating, you should know the proper way to maintain such as regularly washing, using neutral pH shampoo, using separate tools for wheels and tires, and using the “2-buckets” method.

How to contact Quality Detail?

If you are looking for a ceramic coating service in San Antonio, Quality Detail is the right choice. With years of experience in the detailing industry and its professionalism, Quality Detail will not let you down. Call us today at 210-363-7307 or visit us at Serving San Antonio, for a quick quote and appointment with us.




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