How Much Does It Cost To have a Sealant applied?

How Much Does It Cost To have a Sealant applied?

When it comes to car care, many products on the market promise to make your vehicle new again. While some of these products are cheap, others can be pretty expensive. So, is it worthwhile to spend money on car sealant? How much does it cost? In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of sealants and help you decide if this car care product is right for you. 

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Reasons you should apply a sealant to your car

A sealant is a synthetic polymer applied to a car’s paintwork to protect it from the elements and give it a glossy finish. Although a sealant is not as durable as a ceramic coating, it offers some advantages:

  1. A sealant is more accessible than a ceramic coating, and it can be applied in direct sunlight without the risk of smearing.
  2. A sealant dries quickly, so you can drive your car shortly after applying it.
  3. A sealant protects against chemicals, dirty water, and bird droppings.

While a sealant will not completely protect your car’s paintwork from damage, it will help keep it looking new with its excellent luster.

Is sealant expensive?

Sealants are very diverse in design and of different quality. Each manufacturer’s sealant type will have different uses and prices depending on the brand. For example, with products of a famous brand, you will have to pay more to buy them, and vice versa. Therefore, consider carefully before coating your car with sealant by considering your financial situation and what products your car needs. Please refer to many information sources, centers, and products with different uses and prices so that you can choose the appropriate product and the most reasonable price for yourself.

How many layers of sealant should you put on your car?

Usually, many people think that by coating their car with many layers of sealant, their car will gain more benefits. However, that is not true. Nothing will happen if you apply many layers of sealant, even increasing “strength.” It will only cost you more money.

Realistically for products stated that can be layered, two layers of a sealant at most is where you will maximize the product’s durability and ensure even coverage. The other alternative is applying 1 to 2 layers of a sealant and then topped with carnauba wax.

How long does it take to apply sealant to the vehicle?

If your car has a lot of scratches and marks on the paint, then you will need to address those defects before applying a sealant to the paint surface. That will optimize the perfect look of your car. If you do not handle them thoroughly, sealing the car’s surface with sealant is meaningless when your car still has unsightly scratches. Therefore, the sealant application time can be shortened if your car is in good condition.

Where can you find a high-quality sealant for your car in San Antonio?

If your vehicle needs a quality sealant service in San Antonio, we – Quality Detail are confident enough to tell you we can do it. Come to Quality Detail at Serving San Antonio, What are you waiting for! Call us today at 210-363-7307 for a quote and easily schedule an appointment.




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