One Step Paint Enhancement at Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX

One Step Paint Enhancement at Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX

All types of collisions can damage car paint. Everything, including physical impacts on environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, and chemicals, may harm the cars paint. Regardless of how careful you are during the usage process, it is challenging to prevent minor flaws like tiny scratches in the paint, scratches that look like cobwebs (hologram), fading, and yellowing. One Step Polish Enhancement is the answer to the difficulties listed above. Read the article below if you want to know more about One Step Polish Enhancement at Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX!

One Step Paint Enhancement at Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX

What are the benefits from a One Step Polish Enhancement?

Make the car sparkle.

After buffing, the paint will recover its lustrous, wet aspect. Your vehicle will seem newer, brighter, and more brilliant.

Increase the value of your car

Defective automotive paint damages the looks and, more crucially, the vehicle’s value. When your car is new, it has a shiny aspect, and fresh looking paint increases the vehicle’s worth.

Save your time

Saves time by removing minor imperfections like swirl marks and water spots, polishing to a very high gloss finish, all in one process!

What are the differences between Paint Enhancement and Paint Correction?

Paint Enhancement and Paint Correction are the two methods that enhance the car’s appearance and resale value! But here are the differences between them that you need to know.

a black shining car after get paint protection film at Quality Detail San Antonio Texas

Paint Enhancement

Finer grades of polishes with mild abrasives are used in paint enhancement to bring the flake or pearl back to life in your paint. The purpose of paint enhancement is to improve rather than to achieve perfection. We are not attempting to eliminate major defects in the paint, instead, we are trying to remove top layer faults that detract from the shine of your vehicle. Your paint will look substantially deeper after this treatment. This procedure is recommended for everyday drivers and new automobiles that want a ceramic coating added.

Paint Correction

The first stage in paint repair is to apply a medium to the heavy compound to the car’s paint around the entire vehicle. This compound has coarse abrasives that remove more clear coat flaws than a finer polish. Your car’s paint will seem dull and foggy after this phase, this is when we make our way around the vehicle with finer polish grades to revive the paint’s finish to restore that mirror-like sheen. 

One Step Paint Enhancement at Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX, will bring back the shiny, sleek appearance your car had when new! We ensure that all our customers are totally satisfied at Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX! Make an appointment with us via 210-363-7307! We are ready to assist you!




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