What is the best way to maintain Ceramic Coating?

What is the best way to maintain Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating protects your car’s paint from other inclement weather. It also provides a high gloss finish for the car’s appearance! But how can we maintain Ceramic Coating? Let’s find out with Quality Detail!

What is the best way to maintain Ceramic Coating at Quality Detail San Antonio Texas

How can we keep Ceramic Coating durable all the time?

Quality Detail provides numerous suggestions to assist you in improving the longevity of your Ceramic Coating.

Clean your automobile every two weeks.

You should wash your automobile every two weeks if it has been ceramic coated. It will aid in the removal of any impurities that the Ceramic Coating‘s hydrophobic properties do not remove and prevent water stains.

Wash your automobile with the Two Bucket Car Wash Method.

You pollute your car shampoo if you do not employ the two bucket hand washing approach. Using the two-bucket method reduces swirl marks and produces excellent hand wash results. When cleaning a car with two buckets, always begin at the top and work your way down, rinsing each panel. It will reduce water spots and prevent the spread of heavy pollutants.

Do not wash your car in direct sunlight.

Washing your car in direct sunlight will affect your paint. Clean your vehicle beneath a covered structure or in a heavily shaded outdoor place to prevent the production of water stains. If neither of these choices is available, wash the automobile early in the morning or late at night.

How Should You Wash Your Car After Applying Ceramic Coating for the First Time?

Ceramic coatings may keep your automobile cleaner for longer by resisting dirt and water. Washing your Ceramic Coating properly may directly impact how well it performs in the long run and how well it maintains both its appearance and protective characteristics. The first and most crucial thing you should know is that it is not suggested to wash your automobile for up to 7 days after applying the Coating. It allows the Coating to cure the surface of your car thoroughly. After seven days, we recommend cleaning your automobile at least twice a month to avoid contaminant build-up.

How Should You Wash Your Car After Applying Ceramic Coating for the First Time at Quality Detail San Antonio Texas

What tends to happen if we do not adequately care for Ceramic Coating?

  • One of the main benefits of Ceramic Coating is the dazzling sheen it generates. However, if the Coating is neglected and grime accumulates, the repelling characteristics will deteriorate.
  • If we don’t have Ceramic Coating maintained correctly, the “lotus leaf effect” of the Ceramic layer will be compromised. 

What is the suggested maintenance plan?

We recommend that the car be decontaminated appropriately every 3 months by removing these imperfections on the car’s paint. Following that, a SIO2 sealer will be used to revitalize the Ceramic Coating and improve its hydrophobic qualities.

Is Ceramic Coating a protective layer?

No. Once thoroughly dried, it binds on top of your car’s paint, the transparent clear coat layer. It provides a hard, smooth surface with moderate resistance to strong chemicals, and exceptional heat resistance. It is also resistant to UV rays emitted by sunshine and weather. It has superb hydrophobic properties, and the smooth surface prevents water from clinging to it and particles in general from entirely adhering to it, such as mud, bugs, or dust.

Where can we find the best Ceramic Coating in San Antonio, TX?

Ceramic Coating at Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX, is perfect for your vehicle! We use high quality products and the latest technology available! 

Ceramic Coating from Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX, is an excellent choice for your vehicle’s look! Call 210-363-7307 now to make Ceramic Coating appointment at Quality Detail in San Antonio, TX!




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